Crest No Credit Check $40 Down




Purchase Your New Furniture And Mattresses Today With Our No Credit Needed solution. We think your job and paycheck are worth more than your credit score. Simply fill out the attached application for your instant aproval. Crest Financial is one of the nation’s largest and fastest growing “No Credit Needed” leasing companies. Established in 2005, we’ve provided leasing to thousands of satisfied customers via numerous retail partners across the United States.
Crest Financial delivers outstanding customer service and provides instant approvals on transactions up to $5,000 using the most advanced technology, resulting in the highest rate of approved transactions in the industry. Our superior financing solutions offer flexible payment options that include In-Home Layaway™ and a 90-day buyout option on leases.

Customer Requirements to apply:

1) Checking or Savings Account      2) $1000 verifiable income per month      3) SSN or ITIN

As an early holiday gift to you and your customers, take advantage of our $5 IPR on all leases *originated* by December 31, 2017!