Things to Consider Before Buying A Mattress

 What should you know about the mattress industry before you go out and buy one ? 

1) An Expensive Mattress Is Not The BEST Mattress-  The most satisfied consumers who bought a Queen Sized Mattress spent between $500-$1000. They reported that they slept much better rather than their previous mattress they had went out and bought 3 years ago for $3,000. We are sure that the $3,000 Price Tag on your “Insert Name Brand Mattress Here”  (Sealy, Simmons, Serta, Tempur-Pedic), are nice… However, they don’t have magical powers, and they use the same exact materials that a local Mattress Distributor does. Just because you have seen them on TV doesn’t justify the fact that you should pay for their fame..
2) A “SALE ” isn’t really a “SALE” –  The 50% OFF SALE  is one of the most common in the Mattress industry. Think about this, If at COST a store purchases a Mattress for $300 , and marks it up to $600 (which is a fair Mark Up) WHY on Earth would they have a sale for 50% OFF and sell it to you for the price they bought it for? They would be out of business the next day. Now think about this scenario, it makes the 50% OFF seem a little more believable to the consumer. Keeping in mind the mattress was bought for $300 , it was marked up approximately  900% to $3,000- now that there is a 50% OFF Sale it is $1050. All you received was an unfair mark up and an over priced mattress.
3) How The Retail Mattress Industry Works -The typical Mattress from your “Dime A Dozen Conglomerate” store is Marked up & Down at least 3-7 times before it is sold.  Not to mention, the cost of the actual mattress isn’t just marked up for profit . There is a whole process to it. Somebody has to pay for the Big Wig’s Idea of using an extra layer of a silk lined piping on the mattress cover that will have a fitted sheet over it any ways. ( That somebody is you) ;  As for Import & Shipping, It’s A plain fact, its the cost of doing business. Its expensive, but not as expensive as the Middle Man and additional mark ups. …  It stems from the production point at the factory selling the mattress to the Middle Man (The Retailer), who in turn sells it to you…with costs and mark-ups for both parties. In the end, someone has to pay for that big fancy retail store and those high pressured salesman who want their 5% commission. If they sell you that $3,000 mattress with all those “Ultra High Density Core Foams” that you’ve never heard of,  that’s $150 bucks  of built in commission cost in his pocket.

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